Hosting with PML Webhosting…

A few reasons: reliability, speed, and exceptional support.

ToolsYou’ll have access to hundreds of tools and services. Site builders, SEO solutions, open source applications, analytical tools, analytical tools, free search engine marketing credits, and more are available to you through your control panel.
1344903651_SafariOur versatile plans meet your needs. With our variety of plans, you have the flexibility to choose the right fit for your hosting needs. From our feature-rich Windows plans, unlimited UNIX plan, and Virtual Power Hosting options, you can customize your server platform and space accordingly, with the ability to upgrade at any time.
1344913900_data-center-px-pngYour site and email will be reliable. We operate on a pooled server platform, where the first available server meets the requests of your website and ensures your email is sent and received quickly.
1344903531_lifesaverWe’re here to help. Our specially trained support staff listens carefully to your questions and is dedicated to finding the right solutions. Contact us by phone, and you’ll be connected to an agent in less than two minutes, nearly every time.
1344914845_TrashYour website will be eco-friendly. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, which is why our web servers, data centers and offices are powered by 100% wind energy. That means your website and email will be eco-friendly as well.
1344911932_cashboxWe offer competitive prices. Our reliable hosting plans are largely promoted by word of mouth, so we don’t have to spend excessive amounts advertising. By using this strategy, we’ve become one of the most competitive hosting companies on the market, while maintaining cutting edge technologies and optimal support for our customers.
1344903691_communicationWe listen to your feedback. We have a dedicated team that focuses on your experience as a customer. We continuously conduct surveys and usability sessions for insight on how to improve our products and services

1344903598_Space_ArtWe’ve got connections. Our partnerships with major search engines (Google, Yahoo!), Internet security providers (VeriSign, SiteLock) and more, mean special offers for you.